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Wingship Sales

Travel by wingships is much faster than by traditional marine vessels - almost as fast as comparable commuter aircraft services. Wingships offer a more comfortable ride than existing commuter air carriers or traditional marine transportation.

In addition to the plush and spacious interior accommodations, wingships are not subject to the turbulence encountered in aircraft travel or the wave action associated with traditional marine transportation. This makes wingship travel very appealing to anyone prone to motion sickness.

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The HW-20 is a twenty passenger wingship in standard configuration. Alternate configurations are available for dedicated cargo, coastal patrol, or medivac applications.

The HW-20 is a Class B wingship, which means that it operates within the ground effect envelope (it remains close to the surface) and falls under the exclusive jurisdiction of the USCG (or other local marine regulatory agency). As with any marine vessel, acquisition and operational expenses are far below comparable aircraft.

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