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Pacific Seaflight was founded in 2003 specifically to introduce wingship transportation to the North American market and is internationally recognized for its depth of expertise in International Maritime Organization (IMO), Lloyds Registry, and USCG regulations that govern the manufacture, classification, and operation of wingships.



Pacific Seaflight's founder, Linus Romey, has many years of experience in the marine and aviation transportation sectors, working with wingship pioneers in many countries.

The photo to the left from 2010 shows Linus (far right) discussing the HW-20 project with Gilbert Villarreal of Concorde Mfg. (far left) and legendary wingship designer Hanno Ficsher (second from left).

The photo below shows Mr. Romey on a 2011 visit to Wingship Technologies facilities in Inchon, South Korea, to discuss the WSH 500 project.

The bottom photo was taken during a 2014 visit to Malaka, Malasia, while reviewing the Airfisch 8 project with the team from WigetWorks.



It is our mission to provide a high-speed marine transportation option for the movement of passengers and goods between coastal communities that is comfortable, convenient, reliable, safe, and affordable. Utilizing advanced technology wingships, Pacific Seaflight will provide an alternative to costly air transportation at rates closer to traditional marine transportation methods.



Our goal is to revolutionize the way residents of island and “island-like” communities live and work. The availability of economical fast transport between coastal communities will encourage sustainable local economic development currently constrained by the transportation realities of these regions.

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